Boxing Notebook: Everything’s Super This Week

SuperFighter hit New York City on Monday –  it’s the most recent rage. Three battles, four rounds, eight hopefuls – it’s four hours of commotion, Australian style.

Stephen Duval, CEO of Australia-based Superfighter, met with the media to discuss his fantasy – it’s a doozy. Duval created an eight-man eliminator that offers the champ an astounding $5 million. Contenders can’t get their contracted essentials, which can be as low as $5,000 a battle, so this is better then lotto. The washouts? They gather the $200K least.

Here’s the lineup, as such:

Chris Byrd (39-3-1 20 KOs) – The previous IBF heavyweight champion. His style has put more individuals to rest then Nyquil. Byrd will attempt to peck his approach to triumph. In any case, after the beating he took against Wladimir Klitschko, and informally losing four of his last five sessions, I wouldn’t wager on him with your cash.

O’Neil Bell (26-1-1 24 KOs) – The present cruiserweight champion. He squashed French tank Jean Marc Mormeck in a war. A major in addition to for Bell is that he can split. However, he never has confronted a heavyweight, and he takes excessively numerous punches flush. Against an overwhelming it may be beddy-bye for Bell. Wagered on him getting disposed of by the third round.

“The Nigerian Nightmare” Samuel Peter (26-1 22 KOs) – He’s George Foreman’s pick to take it all. In a four-rounder, he’s the most risky adversary. Be that as it may, would he be able to bring his energy through four hours, 12 rounds and three rivals? Chances ought to be to support him daftar sbobet.

Steve “USS” Cunningham (19-0 10 KOs) – He’s the #1 IBF cruiserweight and strolls around at 195 lbs. Cunningham demonstrated an explosive jaw by taking everything Guillermo Jones could offer. In the event that he’s coordinated up with Samuel Peter, his boat sails. Else, he has enough boxing aptitudes to amaze his way to the finals.

Tye Fields (36-1 33 KO) – I concur with Max Kellerman’s examination: “At 6-9, 293 lbs., and not all that talented, he’s a fascination, not a contender.” He’s a long shot.

Shannon Briggs (45-4 40 KOs) – Since his misfortune to Jameel McCline, he has battled each club contender from New York to Arizona. In any case, … he has the experience, he can battle and has underrated hand speed. He may be the man to beat. I see him making the last

Alexander Povetkin (7-0 5 KOs) – I think Povetkin is Russian for pummeled. He’s excessively crude, making it impossible to best any of the soldiers. He’s an immense underdog and doesn’t make it past the first round.

#8 – OPEN

Perhaps we ought to put chances on this bazaar notwithstanding getting off the ground. Simply recollect Cedrick Kushner’s “Clench hand Full of Dollars?” Can you review who won? Enough said …

Clottey Chasing Margarito

Joshua Clottey (28-1, 20 KOs) is positioned #4 by the WBC, #5 by the WBO and #7 by the IBF. Pretty much as the high appraisals demonstrate, Clottey accepts he is fit for beating the best welterweights on the planet, and having reeled off nine back to back triumphs the star from Ghana has his eyes set on WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito (33-4, 24 KOs).

“I’m resolved to end up a title holder,” Clottey says. “I have what it takes, hard working attitude and heart to be a champion. I’ve managed numerous hardships all through my profession, and getting a shot at Margarito and the title would make it all justified, despite all the trouble. This is the thing that I have been progressing in the direction of my entire life. I have a considerable measure of admiration for Antonio Margarito as a champion. I know he generally needs to battle the best. I am the best welterweight contender on the planet. Margarito might need to battle a less demanding battle at this moment, yet in the event that Antonio needs to stay at welterweight, he can run, however he can’t cover up.”

Floyd Mayweather turned down a $8 million dollar offer to confront the WBO champion, so Margarito is coming up short on safeguard alternatives.

In a late meeting, Bob Arum affirmed a Clottey matchup: “Mayweather has demonstrated hesitance to battle Margarito, so we are considering putting Margarito-Clottey on the undercard of Rahman-Maskaev conflict.” That battle happens Aug. 12.

Is it true that you are prepared for WWIII?

Diego “Chico” Corrales (40-2 33 KOs) and Jose Luis Castillo (52-7-1 46 KOs) are revving their motors to create another “battle of the year.”

On the off chance that you’ve never seen their first battle, GET IT! “Chico” was thumped down twice in the tenth round and returned approximately 60 seconds after the fact to win it. Look at to see Round 10. Simply stunning.

Their second session was set apart with contention. Castillo didn’t make weight and declined to try and attempt. Castillo was fined for this trick, however Team Corrales consented to battle in any case.

The outcome: Corrales on his back.

The weight issue turned out to be a slip-up, something significantly promoter Gary Shaw concedes:

“I’ll never do again what I did in this battle,” Shaw said. “On the off chance that the agreement calls for 135 pounds it will be at 135 pounds.”

The battle happens June 3. Stay tuned one week from now for my breakdown and expectation. Sportsbook has Castillo-220, Corrales +180

Barrera Wars with Juarez

As the last ringer rang, he strolled back to his corner with swollen eyes, a wicked nose and most likely a broken jaw – and that was the victor!

Marco Antonio Barrera truly thought little of 2000 Olympian Rocky Juarez. Juarez indicated power with both hands and continued countering Barrera throughout the night with left snares and overhand rights. HBO did its standard cheerleading for Barrera, at times saying Juarez unless he got hit. The warriors dueled on even terms for 12 rounds, and the choice was what most foreseen… a draw

Startling was the declaration that judge Morita’s scorecard was arranged off-base. The right aggregate was 115-114 to support Barrera to give the champion a split-choice triumph.

For Christmas I guarantee to send the commission an adding machine

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